Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ravens of 2016 (Part III)

Young ravens hatched early this Spring are now on the wing and learning about the complications of life outside their big stick nests! The two nestlings from this nest since our visit to ring and measure them have been seen floating around with mum and dad, exploring the boundaries of their territory. I wonder how far they will travel and where they will settle; ravens usually don't start to breed until around three years of age. Sadly, ravens are still persecuted in some areas and there is still time to add your name in support for their status as a protected bird which as currently got nearly 30K signatures! Sign the petition here.

Young raven

 The big nest at the top of the lanky Scot's pine

This nest is at the top of an interesting lanky Scot's pine and as you can see their huge mound of pine sticks has been well...erm...used! Inside that nest cup is a great, thick layer of warm lining, mostly sheep wool and cattle hair, essential for their early start in the year!

Going up...!