Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fall spectacular!!

Here is a wee taster of the spectacular that is Fall in Ontario. With lots of people are out and about looking at the crazy colours, there's even big road signs warning drivers to go slow as people go a bit daft with Fall fever and are apt to park anywhere and leap out to see the best trees! See here for where to go for the best colours. Full of great birds and hot weather, my adventure to the Bruce Peninsula and southern Ontario has been so much better than I'd ever dreamed it would be. There's been little time to blog so lots more will follow one day soon! In the meantime, there's some camping to be done, Algonquin Park here we come...hoping there are still a few fiery sugar maples to be seen although it looks like they are past peak. There is still bears and wolves and moose though, that is something to think about from inside a tent...!