Friday, 27 May 2016

Find the bird!

Another fine May morning has dawned and the birds are busy singing and feeding their young. Up here I spotted something rather delicious. And so we have another Mystery Pic - see how you do this time!

 Have you spotted it yet?...............

Yup, you guessed right, 'tis a bonny Little Owl and it is doing a very good impression of a rock! You'll have to excuse the blurry pic taken on a wee point-and-snap camera in the drizzle. Here it is in the original pic again, see how well it blends in.

And this is what you'd have seen at a glance.

The old walls are such a strong visual part of the countryside in Yorkshire and they are full of great holes, those nooks and crannies, that are top places for both hiding and nesting in. And of course, great vantage points for spotting dinner from!