Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Big barns and ancient timbers

In the wild hills of the moors and dales of Lancashire and Yorkshire there are some amazing old stone barns. Some of them are high above the valley, falling to pieces and home to only pigeons and the occasional owl. Others are beautifully preserved and the great hand-hewn timbers are really something to behold, many of them fully tree trunks. The first three below are from the great Aisled Barn at Wycoller which is well worth a visit (and if you are a Charlotte Bronte' all the better!). Check out those huge soaring timbers with the growth shapes aka imperfections of each timber clearly visible. And all looking pretty good considering it was built in 1630 or there about, that's over 400 years ago!



The timbers above have still got cambium layers (aka bark) on, while in the barn below, with the roof long since gone, and unprotected from the harsh weather, the rafters have become sun-bleached and weathered like some ancient bog pine!