Thursday, 19 May 2016

I Spy....the reveal!

A few days ago challenged you with this pic to a wee game of I Spy With My Little Eye...something beginning with L L C...

Well, truth be told, this a bit of a trick one as the subject is rather too well hidden so here is where they are...

And this is what they are, and congratulations to the Little LAPWING Chicks for winning this parallel game of hide and seek, and they are so good at hiding for a very good reason - there are an awful lot of creatures out there that would find a very young one very tasty. When they are tiny their instinct is to freeze and do their 'sheep dropping' impression. Indeed, you have to be very careful not to tread on them. The BTO is running a special survey this yearto try and learn much more about them. See here for more info.

When you are as obvious as this it pays to find some cover whenever mum or dad starts to holler..



Phew! Safe out of sight of danger. The wee thing is well hid I think you will agree.

Safe and out of sight. This lapwing was ringed in May last year in southern Scotland and here's hoping, with a bit of luck, this year it returned and has raised it's own little fluffballs!