Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sitting tight come rain or, erm...snow!

After the hot summery days of mid April we are back to snow. And the sight of Loch Garten's osprey EJ sitting up to her neck in snow is quite some sight! And tough as it gets for those incubating birds, they just have to sit tight. See how she is getting on on the Loch Garten WEBCAM. And it is the same for raptors on the other side of the pond: peregrines nesting on the Rachel Carson Building in Pennsylania are also sitting in snow! Follow live webcam here. On this day back in 1950, a big snow storm landed in Berkshire, UK and the effects on various species is detailed in this little paper here. And do check out thism a couple of years ago a bald eagle pair also sat out the snow to keep those eggs warm - see the incredible image here!