Sunday, 19 July 2015

The will is strong...

A small stunted ash tree.

And it's a stunted ash is a tree with a difference for if we hae a gander around the other side you can see this tree is to be admired:

Check it out - it's more 'plank' than 'tree'! With a will of iron this tree has worked hard to 'heal' the damage, you can see the living edges of the tree's bark have begun to curl over the exposed heart, but it cannot seal such a vast wound. And it happened some years ago too, probably high winds causing an imperfect union of the main stems to suffer complete failure. Anyhow, I think it is doing remarkably with its scraggly canopy given how little living tissue is in contact with the soil! 

Here are a few more trees I've noticed recently. The first two have roots that swarm over the surface of, and deep  within the faults of sedimentary old red sandstone. The trees are beech, oak, alder, alder, rowan and alder.