Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rigging a tree for SRT

That's what I like to see, a fine set access rope (11mm static arb: Blaze) in position, bounce-tested to check the Top Insertion Point anchor, a bomber oak limb in this case (although...), ready for climbing! TIP at 15m, on second attempt with the fantastic 2m long catapault aka the Big-Shot.

With the 60m SS line I usually use some fancy knots ace tree climb training company Canopy Access's Waldo Etherinton taught me to make a basal anchor. This time, I'm travelling light: I've used a 10m length of 11mm DMM Worksafe (semi-static) tied off to a 40mm DMM anchor ring with an anchor hitch backed up with a single stopper knot. There's a double wrap on the trunk and the working end is a Fig-9 or a Fig-8 here to the spliced end of the arb with a triple-lock DMM krab, you with me?

Quickest way to the top is with my new wonder kit - the all-amazing SAKA by Richard Mumford (more on this in another blog).

When I got up there I found that my line was over an added small limb above the big bomber oak limb, though it was plenty strong enough as it turned out! The main fork is just out of sight at the bottom right corner of the photo. Great view from up there and no a horse-fly to be found woop woop (got eaten alive on the walk in!).

Tim's are happiest up trees!