Saturday, 4 February 2017

Rope wizardry with Remote Ropes: on the edge!

Day 2 of Advanced Rope Wizardry took us to a gleaming cliff edge and what an incredible spot it was, with superb views and lots of keen climbers nearby. We had birds of prey passing by and the gleam of a keen sun that did it's best to dull the chill of a crisp winter morning. And we also had some serious kit. Today's task was to utilise the knowledge of yesterday, by setting up all this kit to rig a gin pole right on the very lip of the cliff itself. Coastguard and Mountain Rescue crews use this technique to rescue people on stretchers up and over a cliff edge.  Now, you can get some very fancy shiny kit like this or you can set up a single pole with a whole heap of rope anchors and several score of knots. We had heaps of fun and learned lots, and each took it in turn to be lowered and hauled up the cliff using a highly complex system of pulleys and ratios. Thanks Remote Ropes!

The gin pole set up and nearly ready for go!

Our kit pool, and a selection of our anchors for the rig


A couple of shots of the amazing hovering rigging plate!