Friday, 3 February 2017

Rope wizardry with Remote Ropes: in the classroom

Would you like to be stuck in a classroom for a whole day, with lessons? Well, you sure would if you had the ace marvel Waldo Etherington as tutor! As Chief Instructor of Canopy Access Ltd and Chief Climber and Rigger at Remote Ropes he has a vast repertoire of skills and experience with recent trips to remotes parts of Papua New Guinea and Greenland. And he is a great teacher and lots of fun.

A small crew of us arrived in sunny Dorset for a weekend of Advanced Rope Wizardry. Day 1 was prepping for Day 2 (see next post!) as Waldo demonstrated a whole list of super useful knots and we kept up as best we could, tying increasingly more complex knots, using lo-tech anchors such as legs and chairs! Actually, we tied and re-tied the knots until they were looped in our brains, Waldo made sure of that. Here are just a few of them.