Thursday, 16 February 2017

Glasgow Botanics: a few wee discoveries

A quiet gathering of leaves down a drain in norht Glasgow; small moments hold your gaze when fresh in from travels afar. With a head full of trees and the riot of southern Ontario's Fall colours of last October, I flew back into Glasgow and suitably exhausted I of course.....headed straight out to the amazing Glasgow Botanics! The colours were still rich yellows and reds whereas back in Canada the leaves had burned bright and fallen oh, so quickly. Wandering about the gardens and arboretum, a favourite hobby of mine (see here, here and here) I had fun hunting out small versions of the great trees of eastern Canada I had been walking among. And it was then I realised that there were so many hidden treasures here at the arboretum. Like this muckle leaved syscamore, Acer macrophyllum, and those leaves really are big! There was some I recognized, and others I thought I did, until I read the label, like Acer rufinerve (Japan) which looked to me like the striped maple Acer pensylvanicum of North America. Eventually I had to go indoors and crawl into a bed and sleep. But I will be back soon, and I wonder what I'll find next time I really look.



 Yellow Buckeye (Eastern USA)