Friday, 21 August 2015

Brilliant breeding Brampton bee-eaters!

Bee-eaters in the early morning sun, you canna beat it! These fuzzy pics were snapped thru the scope perched on the fenceline above the nest. As the sole nesting pair in the UK they are so special and it should get even more exciting soon as the chicks could be fledging in just over a week's time. Directions to the watch site are here.

I watched this very smart male void a pellet into the grass, and I think that's another pellet on the post. See Javier's amazing guide to their plumages and here are links to way better photos of these birds flying in to the nest and sitting on one of the posts.


They have been bringing in lots of food for their chicks, sometimes every few minutes. There are both parents, plus a helper, a young male. Food seems to consist of lots of big dragonflies, various bees (below) and the occasional butterfly (bottom, peacock butterfly).