Monday, 3 August 2015

Accessing buzzard nests without nice big branches

Sometimes the only way up is by using the traditional woodsman's technique (see great old footage here, at 55s in) of spiking up the trunk. This larch was a fine tree to hang-out in and nicely well above the midge zone. I've a wire-core flipline to my side-Ds plus additional lanyard (tail of 13mm arb rope to lower buzzards carefully to the ground for ringing, biometrics and wing-tagging. The tagging is part of a long-term study of buzzard populations - see previous blog for more detail. The nest here is to your left.

There was single chick at this nest and this one dines well on rabbit and voles.

This buzzard, No. 96, will be haappily flying around and catching it's own rabbits by now.

Oh, and it's much easier on the way down - here I am dropping out of a Scot's pine!