Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Berry fest in the clouds

Cloudberries grow in Scotland, woop woop! In Canada they call them bakeapples and they are my all time favourite. The amazing flavour takes me back to happy autumn days wandering about on the incredible island of Newfoundland, where moose, bears, and caribou roam, and where the sea is full of whales and (in June) icebergs. Wonderful people too. Cloudberry grows on the hills of the Scottish Borders too although the berries are a little sparse on the ground to say the least!

In case you haven't seen them before, here it is, one small plant, one berry. 

They love to grow on tundra, moors and bogs, basically anywhere nice and wet.

Like I said, they are hard to many can you see?

Yup, just two in that whole area!

One last berry to pick....there were more but they were too red aka unripe. This was two hours worth! I ate some, shared a few, and have suffused the rest into a glass bottle of russian vodka to attempt a liqueur, fingers crossed.