Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Trees on islands

On a crisp, frosty day, we struck out for the bonny islands out in the River Ness. Bonny leaves fringed with frost covered the river bank. We walked upriver and crossed over onto one of the Ness Islands. It felt like we were in a mini wildness, far from the city of Inverness, which was really all around us. But the multitude of trees hid all from sight. Hanging low on a tree we found a sweet little card, and then a bit further on, another, and then another; intriguing and delightful!

As well as these messages from a mysterious well-wisher, the Ness islands have big beeches (see Tree Climbing Scotland if you'd like to climb one!!), a line of tall firs and by a fine suspension bridge, a very fine Sequoiadendron. All too soon we crossed the final bridge and headed back downstream for coffee and cake at the cosy Eden Court Theatre.