Friday, 12 February 2016

February and another fine Oak!

A light frost on the grass, a crisp blue sky, and the warmth of a mid-morning sun - perfect conditions for a climb! I'd had my eye on a couple of nice oaks. One of them has some damage high up bu both were sound as a pound at the base. So a couple of big hand-throws later the 8oz bag sailed through the big fork and whistled down to the ground on the far side of the tree. And what a difference using the shiny new ZING-IT throwline - it ran like a dream - none of the kinking and memory of the stuff I'd been swearing at for weeks!

I ran a  twin line for added safety, TIP@ c.18m, and just below the fork hopped over onto a DRT set-up on 11mm Blaze for the top section. The next bit was totally fine tho it did need a bit of head scratching as I'd left behind the big sling I could have used as a foot aid.

The trusty ole' Distal hitch and Pinto set up thru a ring on my rope bridge.

Ended up in that top fork and used my magic measuring stick (very low-tec - more on this in another post) to reach up to the tip tap top of the King Twig. Wind wobbled the line of the tape something crazy making it drift way out from the tree so I had to add a steel 'biner as extra ballast to the 6oz bag: final height c.25m.

What an awesome morning and I've just spotted the next beauty for a another day very soon - a tasty Sequoia!