Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January the Oak!

Saturday was big turkey oak day and a superb day for climbing. We'd spotted a tall turkey oak on the edge of a small valley a few weeks ago and it looked a great one to climb but it always seemed to be raining. This morning we arrived to find sunshine, frozen hailstones and a woodpecker drumming in the alders further downstream. We piled all the gear into a 'barra and headed across a frosty lawn to set up. There were lots of branches to tangle up the line including one just in front of the main fork at at about 20m. Several shots later we hit a beauty and rigged a 100m Worksafe PLUS Static Rope as twin ropes. Going up.....


Der managed to get a shot of me with a 'firing face', just at the moment of action!

This is looking down from just below the TIP at 20m, it's a really straight run, and there's my groundsman looking like an ant way down there on the circular lawn.

Ok, so it was reckoning time - time to measure the tree by dropping a tape. It was 26.06m down to the floor and with my magic measuring stick I reached up to the tip of the king twig at 3m above, giving a very respectable 29.06m. See here for some truly Monumental Trees. Time to check out the view then head on down. Orange arb rope is over fork c.25m, and the access lines are in the main fork. I dropped down on the arb most of the way then switched over to the access lines on my Rig, fun times

And top of the mornin' to ya!