Sunday, 4 October 2015

Very cool links to amazing bird blogs and images!

Check out this harrier with big dinner ideas at Making Most of the Moorlands, a busy community education project around Langholm Moor. See what happens when a hen harrier thinks big...

Making the Most of the Moorlands

Swifts are a common sight and are part of summer, screaming over our rooftops, but where do they go in winter? These projects are finding some great data, the first is from the BTO

BTO - Tracking swifts

and this one on the Beijing swift porject shows the truly extraordinary journeys some birds take annually: we still have so much to learn.

Out of Africa! The Beijing Swift’s Incredible Journey Charted At Last

And for great photos, see Paul Riddle's brilliant Owls about that then!, a blog full of amazing owls - how's this for a shot!

Owls about that then!