Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sunset beech!

 Amazing sunny Autumn days! A year ago I climbed a beech to the base of the main fork. I abseiled out and left a hemp string in place, tied off to a little sapling nearby, so I could climb it properly another day....which was the last day of September 2015! Gorgeous sunny day, hiking out with my haul bag.

 Going up, SRT

 Alpine butterfly & maillon rapide as top anchor, rigged from below
 Looking up to the unexplored canopy
 Top anchor point @ 20m with arb on DRT with distal hitch & Pinto pulley
 Todays book - it's a brilliant mix of anthropology, history, adventure and sea

I found a cracking wee spot near the very top of the tree, where I sat nibbling on chapati and reading for hours in the warm sun - bliss! Then I had a bit of a look around...
 The top branches

 King twigs

The view

Hadn't meant to stay so long but it was such a brilliant spot I decided to stay and watch sundown

As I was about to leave, I noticed hoverflies flying in to roost on the top twigs, had no idea this happened - a nice little bit of extra magic to the evening. I descended on DRT, but the 30m arb was too short to drop the full height to the ground, so I did some top problem solving, adding in an extra 10m length with a double fishermans and then passing it by transfer onto the Petzl Rig and a very smooth touchdown - what a superb evening!