Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Forests are treasures, focus on Bialowieza

On this International Day of Forests 2017 I read that Poland is to report on the impacts of felling in Bialowieża Forest in 2017, as advised by IUCN. This is after Białowieża Forest, a place of great wonder, complex biological relationships and marvellous biological richness, faced a great threat in the form of gouvernment sanctioned logging! (see previous blog here) Let us hope that this great treasure can be fully recognized and fully protected again.


 Summer & winter predator-prey foodwebs in Poland's Białowieża Forest.
With kind permission of Serguei Saavedra.

PERMANENT: wolf, lynx, red fox, raccoon dog, otter, polecat, and northern goshawk.
SUMMER: badger, lesser-spotted eagle.

PERMANENT: red deer, boar, hare, squirrel, mice, voles, shrews, passerines, fish and amphibians.
SUMMER: small passerines, reptiles, and insect.
WINTER: European bison.