Thursday, 1 September 2016

Waking up in wonderful Wakehurst

A few weeks ago I was very privileged to work as a Instructor for The Great Big Tree Climbing Company at Wakehurst Place, Kew's garden in Sussex. In my spare time I was able to explore a little of the great expanse of gardens and trees, finding many wonderful trees. The staccato calls of green woodpeckers percolated out of the thick green and in the valley below the big meadow, the forest seemed vast, as if never-ending, as if I could walk for miles in any direction and still I would be deep in the heart of it.


Some of the gems to be found at Wakehurst.

The funky cones of the Monteray pine, Pinus radiata and the incredible lanky cones of Pinus wallichiana, the Bhutan pine.

Check out the giant needles of the Apache pine Pinus engelmannii! And below is another pine with a super silhouette.

There are many fantastic redwood at Wakehurst. This Sequoiadendron giganteum is my favourite, with a great tall stem and maybe around 20m to the first whorl of branches. Tucked into the edge of the trees it stands there, humble, understated, a true gentle giant.

And of course you can't talk about Wakehurst without mentioning their new world record for the longest straw bale picnic table ever constructed!

Tulip tree leaf after rain