Thursday, 16 June 2016

Daredevil nesting!

There is daredevil nesting going on along one busy winding road in West Yorkshire. And superb busy these roads do get at rush hour so if I was a bird, looking for a suitable place to nest, I probably would not choose this three-foot high section of road. But then again, I am not a bird. One very brave in my opinion pair of birds have indeed decided to build a nest and raise their young in this wall. Scores of cars pass within a foot of the wall each hour making their survival a thing of marvel. What kind of birds...a cracking pair of Coal Tits!

I only spotted this as I had stopped for a minute to return a missed call and noticed a small grey blur disappear into the wall. I really hope they make it, and that the young venture forth from the nest at some quiet time of day; fingers crossed for them!