Friday, 4 March 2016

Oystercatcher nestbox To Let!

Oystercatchers are fabulous birds. This week a flock of 30 were feeding in a sheep field nearby, first I've seen for ages. Soon they'll split up into pairs to head to their usual summer haunts to call and display and breed. They nest on the ground so our heavy Spring rain storms play havoc with their eggs and the first and sometimes their second clutch gets washed out to sea which is always sad to see, the birds stalking around mournfully at the side of the swollen river, their nesting island deep under a raging torrent.

Sometimes they do choose a higher spot to nest in. Check out Kevin Maskell's amazing image and also A Yarn Over Needles blog. Back in the day in Porsanger, Norway, folks came up with a great idea for a fresh supply of eggs for food, see this pic on Mindenpicture. This bit of river always floods and so here is our Plan B, an oystercatcher tray on a fence post. There are big drainage holes in the bottom and a couple of inches of gravel, what's not to like! So fingers crossed for an orange beak sticking out over the edge in a few weeks time!

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