Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gazing out

Four fabulous panoramic vistas (yes I have just discovered that button on the camera!) high up in the hills of southern Scotland. I'm sat just watching the clouds, the changing colours of landscape. And the birds too of course - best place in the world to be, when the weather god smiles kindly on ya! Every so often there is a moment when the winds drop, the sun glints out across the valley, and then the magic happens: ravens appear from no-where, calling, she throws out her cry "knuk knuk" to her mate who give a deep "rRAkk" and throws somersault after somersault along the windswept ridgeline; the cries of buzzards wheeling far up the river drifts down to me long before they do, and I am spellbound by the glimpse of a hen harrier hunting silently across the slopes below me; happy days!