Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Anyone home?

First visit to the owl boxes and baskets to see who is home. No owls so far...just a bit of jackdaw nest-building. Mind, this box has only been up since the end of the winter so I wasn't expecting too much. There is a box in this old shed but no-one has been visiting (we'd have seen pellets if they had).

This tawny-owl box I was sure would be occupied so goggles on, I climbed up. Inside the box were bits of yew and with no sign of anything in there so I removed them, reaching down deep inside and found THIS wee squeaker - something about its poise makes me think of the Pink Panther! I quickly put it back and the yew bits too.

The long-eared owl baskets (from Generation 1 - they are MUCH better now) were all empty too, although this one looks like someone has a well stocked larder!

Kestrel box, also empty. Possibly too low?

Finally, some occupation - the old nest in the holly tree.
Think these might be only a day old!

Better luck next time - watch this space.
And thanks to my happy helper.
(And SO sorry about the boot print!)