Thursday, 26 February 2015

Last few baskets for LEO

Last of the baskets up today at the wonderful hidden gem that is Gordon Community Woodland. It is getting close to nesting time and any owls will have most likely have already chosen a spot but you never know. II spotted this treasure on my wanderings there. Lots of lovely wild ground there and today I saw a Woodcock, in fact I nearly stepped on it! And a Greater spotted woodpecker called too.

Lots of rough ground means lots of voles which are dinner for owls!


I scrambled and scrabbled up some dusty Sitkas to place the baskets

Can you still spot it in this picture?

Although I didn't find any owl pellets anywhere on the site there 
were signs of somebody roosting regularly, so fingers crossed!

 Hairy beardie chap I met up a tree...

And a wee bird I spotted with BIG aspirations!
This Blue tit popped in and out of the box a couple of times then flew off. 
Wonder if there was a Tawny owl roosting inside...